Interactive designs


output_KDWTBmDesigned interaction

IMG_2836Non-designed interaction


Potential Design Outcomes

3d model

  •  installation
  • functional/ useful object
  • interactive object
  • physical interaction ( experiential )


  •  exhibition
  • poster
  • newspaper
  • social media



  • tv advertisement
  • short movie
  • motion graphic
  • stop motion
  • documentary


  • performance
  • narrative
  • presentation
  • song


  •  interactive book
  • narrative
  • photography


Health and well-being of road workers

The sight of road construction workers has provoked empathy in many people. While a lot of the major decisions about their working hours and wages lies in the hands of the government, students and especially design students can contribute in numerous ways.

It is crucial to make them emerge from their state of facelessness and establish their own identity. As design student, there is a lot we can do about restructuring and redesigning the environments which the road construction workers inhabit.

The main aim of this project is to provide them with comfort and a better atmosphere to reduce their daily stress. Also, shielding them from physical and mental troubles remains a major area of concern. Their well-being should be looked after especially when they are working onsite.

Facilities such a hygiene kits, well-being kits and specialized rest stations are some ways in which designers can contribute to the lives of road construction workers. The final product would be user-friendly, functional and easy to carry objects that will keep in mind both, general and specific needs of the workers.

Even though this topic of workers has been tackled many times in the past, this approach uses design knowledge and design experience in order to serve the workers better. Engaging with research, experiments and design, can help reduce the onsite problems that these workers face.

I wanted to demystify the trend of gastric bypass surgery. I felt that a flipbook would best convey my message.The popularization of GBS has blinded some people to the side effects of this procedure. Although I am not a doctor, I strongly believe that this kind of surgery is meant for people who are morbidly obese. However, the issue is that people with normal weight are using this surgery to have quick fix for their weight instead of resolving it with diet and exercise.

The first illustration of the woman reflect her determination to be thinner by any means possible. Soon after we see an ongoing surgery. After the surgery she wakes up with a smile on her face. Gradually she becomes thinner and thinner but as time goes by she realizes that she is losing her hair and she is forced to take tablets to stay healthy. Towards the end you can see the shock and the disappointment on her face. Even though she becomes thinner she regrets procedure which dominates her life.

m1 m2m3m4

I kept the illustration style simple to bring focus on the movement not the unimportant details. The book cover says “ do you want to look like her ? “ and it features a figure with an hour glass shape. My flipbook connects two different women one local and one from any number of fashion media around the world. Although they seem unrelated, they influence each other greatly. The women in abaya feels pressured to resembles the portrayal of women in the international media.



This project was challenging because it was a heavy topic and it could be sensitive for others. Our role was to demystify the issue without being too obvious. Another challenge was to consider which form best conveys my idea. The documentaries also helped me to define my ideas by seeing negative portrayal of women in the media as well as the bad influence that Disney has on children’s minds.

This project helped me to think beyond the superficial ways. It taught me to think about issues without being one-sided. I understand demystification better after having worked on this project. It helped me realize that there are more layers than the first one we see.

Final outcome



On the first day of shooting of the stop motion, I wanted to shoot in natural light so I setup the shoot outdoors in the garden. However, the only issue that I faced was the heat of the sun which made it unpleasant to stay outside and did not help my focus. Moving the character felt rushed because the sun was intolerable. Additionally, my professor suggested that the table distracted the viewer from concentrating on my character. Below are the pictures taken from the first day of shooting.

IMG_9584 IMG_9588

On my second try, the heat wasn’t an issue because it was indoor. I was so absorbed in setting up the shoot. For example, finding the best angle and preparing the ingredients for the shoot. Before I realized it the sunlight had changed and dimmed slightly. So I decided to leave everything the way I set it up and postpone it for the next day.

On the third and final day, everything was already prepared and I was less stressed about the light. My positioning of the camera was important because I wanted the viewer to experience the cooking first hand.

On the whole, it was a fun project I enjoyed it a lot because there were different skills required. In the illustration phase, I learnt to consider depth for example, light and shadow. I learnt how to balance and give each character style separate identity. The 3d printing phase was really exciting because our first time to use it and it brought our character to life. The only minor issue was the quality 3d printing made the surface quite rough. It affected the look of the paint on plastic I had to first apply white coat then add 3 coats of paint. However, this issue gave a good idea of how 3d printing responds to the acrylic painting so I can differentiate in the future. Each phase heighten my competency in different areas.

Below are pictures of the character before paint was applied as well as pictures during the process of painting.

IMG_9094 IMG_9098 IMG_9115 IMG_9117 IMG_9122

I chose penne pasta to be my character because I enjoy making it and  it is my favorite food. I think it had fun potential for personification.

Here are some of my initial sketches.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Out of all twenty sketches my professors chose the one that they felt had the most potential and I immediately saw why they chose that sketch. Below is the sketch that they chose.


As recommended, I observed characters in my local environment with excitement. Below are some of the local characters which I photographed from the car as we were driving. I also have some pictures of stickers from a fashion magazine as well as two illustrations from the newspaper. This is relevant because this project showed me how to look at characters in a different way.

IMG_8736 IMG_8741 IMG_8743

13 14 15

My final four illustrations

Original gesture




For the graphic illustration I wanted to keep it sharp and geometric and I only left the mouth because it a dominant feature.



The playfulness of this character is evident in the soft edges of the body (as if it is cooked) and in the wiggly lines emerging from the body to the eyes. One eye is larger than the other to give the impression of playfulness. I chose bright colors to lessen the tone of seriousness. The penne almost looks like he is playing from the motion of the legs.



I chose a serious color palette, olive and forest green,dark red, and beige and I chose bright color on the eyes to lighten the effect but not ruin the mood. The eye lashes reflect the sophistication of the penne. The closed mouth is symbolic of being sophisticated and withdrawn, which is why it is only closed in this version. The body has ornate decorations and very fine lines. The stylized hand also follow the theme.

Part of my inspiration came from the Marvellous Creatures exhibition in MIA was very useful in that it showed me techniques that are useful for our own projects. The illustrations on the posters reflect the objects very well. It inspired me with my sophisticated design. The exhibited works were unique as well. Below are some pictures from the exhibitions.

m5m1m2 m3 m4 m6 m7

123D Design

At the beginning of 3d experimentation I wasn’t satisfied with the flat result of the penne so I challenged myself to find away to augment the 3d aspect by using shapes to create the look that I wanted. For example, to achieve the 3d shape of the penne initially I created a cylinder shape for the body of the penne I also designed a rectangular shape to create the diagonal indents. To do this, I placed the rectangular shape on the tip of the cylinder and then I subtracted it to make the indents.

3d1 3d5design1-1design1-2

In order to extrude stroke lines first I had to close them and extrude them. I applied this technique to make my 3d object more realistic. I am happy with the result I liked how it turned out.